Civilian Testimonials

Clint M.

Shooting Strategies

Richard is one of the best in the business and not only takes the time to instruct, but also makes sure you are grasping the material as you demonstrate to him the tactics you have learned. Safety is always the top priority and he is always patient and effective with his training. He has made me a better shooter.

Howard F.


This was hands down the best training I have received. Clear supportive instruction that took a novice shooter and took all the apprehension away and had me hitting the target. Thanks for the workshop, money well spent. You will not be disappointed.

Tiffany Y.

I participated in the NRA Basic Pistol Course today and look what I did while at the shooting range! Thank you Richard Whirley for teaching me so much about shooting and handling a pistol today! I learned a lot.

I took this class due to the fact that I was always nervous and intimidated around guns, and my husband owns many firearms. So I thought it would be a good idea to take the class and hopefully feel more comfortable. After today, I feel like I can properly use a handgun safely...

April F.

Shooting Strategies

I have always been terrified of guns. As a mom, I didn't want them around me and certainly not my children. In one Saturday, my fear changed. I now see guns as a form of protection for my family rather than a threat to our safety.

I came home from the introductory class and asked my husband to buy a safe for our nightstand. I wanted him to have access should we ever need it and now have the confidence that I too could protect our family in the event of an emergency.

In the class, I screamed the first time I fired at the shooting range... and I hit the bulls eye. Richard was patient and steady in walking me through the entire experience. It changed my mind and could save my life if I find myself in danger.

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