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Heather D.

Shooting Strategies' Richard Whirley and Fair Weather Farms' Cy Nunnally of Monroe, GA teamed up for a fantastic event on 3/12/2016.

I am a single mom and enrolled in the HANDGUN SAFETY & FUNDAMENTALS class because, while I have been "around" guns my entire life, I wanted the ability to be more comfortable with handling and firing my weapon. This introductory class should be mandatory for anyone who is interested in gun-safety and appropriate handling of a weapon. Richard is very knowledgeable and has no trouble communicating with the class and encourages interaction between students/instructor(s). All instructions were given in the classroom setting then we fired an air-soft handgun before heading out to the firing range with live ammunition and our own firearms.

I also HIGHLY recommend that anyone who wishes to familiarize themselves with handling a weapon (everything from learning to draw from a holster to clearing stove-pipe or double-feed jams), should take the WEAPON MANIPULATION & PERSONAL PROTECTION class. All instruction for this class was given directly on the firing range. Anyone who wants to become more confident with handling and learning the basic mental and physical skills required to defend against an attacker should take this class. If an emergency were to arise and I need to take action, I have NO DOUBT that what I learned (and will continue to practice) from these classes would afford me the ability to stop or disable any threat that might arise.


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