Civilian Testimonials

Laura Beth P.

I attended a beginners class for handguns last year when I decided to get my conceal and carry permit. At the time I was living alone and doing some travelling for work, so I wanted the ability to protect myself, not to mention I am a supporter of the second amendment. The class I happened to attend was with all females, all at a beginners level like me. We spent a fair amount of time learning about how handguns operate and we were taught this information through videos and power points. Before we headed to the range to shoot (for me this was my first time EVER shooting a gun) we had a few practice rounds with a faux firearm and target. This helped us feel more comfortable before getting to the range. After we arrived, we were once again given great instructions before entering the range. We were able to try several guns and we were assisted by two of the instructors on how shoot and where to put/how to hold the firearm after we were finished shooting.

After the first class, I felt much more comfortable with a gun. I wouldn't say that I am an "expert" or even "novice" after having taken this, but it is a great way to break the ice if you are wanting to learn more about firearms. I am looking forward to taking the intermediate class in the near future!

I would highly recommend Richard and Shooting Strategies to all of my friends and family!

Stephanie J.

The Level 1 training was very effective for me. Prior to this class I afraid to shoot a pistol. Richard along with his instruction made me much more comfortable to conceal and carry.

Nancy W.

Prior to taking the NRA Basic Pistol course, I had virtually no exposure to handguns. By the end of the class, I wasn't just "unafraid" of the gun, but rather I was having FUN! I enjoyed getting familiar with the workings of a handgun. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get introduced to a pistol.

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