Civilian Testimonials

Robert O.

Another great day of training. I have now completed the Level 1 and Level 2 courses, and I'm looking forward to the Level 3 course in October of 2015!

Richard was very informative!

Robert O - Level 2 Student

Will Y.

I have grown up around firearms. From a very young age I had some sort of weapon in my hand at all times. Carrying concealed since of legal age, I always felt I could handle myself and firearm should the need arise. After taking a class with Richard at the urging of my wife, I learned more than I thought I would. Handling a handgun in a self defense situation is more than simply putting a round through paper in a controlled environment. The techniques and tips Richard has in his instruction are more than helpful, they are necessary when it comes to self defense. Whether you think you could benefit from a firearm training class or not, do yourself a favor and spend the few hours it takes to familiarize yourself with proper techniques, improve your efficiency, gain the outside perspective on many aspects that do not cross your mind and increase the likely hood of successfully defending yourself or family. I know I learned of bad habits I have from years of shooting with no instruction, all of which when corrected will make me a much better shooter.

I guarantee in these classes, whether you are a first timer or experienced shooter, you will gain perspective, knowledge and experience that may be the difference in successfully defending yourself or family in the future. You will also have a blast doing it in a stress free, fun environment. I took the class with my wife, a new shooter having only taken 2 previous classes with Richard (her entire lifelong handgun experience). She and I are on two different experience levels with firearms yet BOTH of us greatly benefited from the class. At no time did the class lose either of us, as we were engaged fully the entire time. We WILL be taking more as we progress along. Seeing how far she has come from being a first time pistol shooter 2 classes ago to an integral part and solution for defending our children and home, could be the greatest testament to the worth of these classes and ability of Richard to teach. My wife will no longer have to simply play the victim.

If you carry concealed and have never had training, do yourself and all of us a favor and take a couple of these classes. You WILL benefit.

If you have no experience with handguns and want to learn, do not hesitate to take these classes. You will be shooting like a pro in no time.

Nichole M.

Prior to this course I had very little experience. My husband had purchased a handgun for me for protection but I had never even fired it. Richard was able to explain and demonstrate all the necessary components of the firearm and made me feel much more comfortable with a gun. I think this class is especially necessary for women because like most women I purchased a small compact handgun. Once I began the lessons I immediately found I did not like that gun and felt much more comfortable with a larger pistol. I was able to try out so many more guns so I now I know which one I can purchase and feel confident with. I now feel safe with my handgun and I cannot wait to take the next levels of the class.

Cheryl M.

I just took the Level 1 course and it was amazing how quickly Richard made me feel at ease. Before this class I was very nervous about handling my hand gun I had purchased a year ago. Now I feel much more confident. I was taught gun safety as well as proper handling of my firearm. I am so ready to advance to the next level. I would and will highly recomend this course to anyone looking to learn the proper way to handle firearms and shooting your firearm. Thank you Richard and Shooting Strategies!

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