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Introducing our newest GEN-3 Cherries Multi-Ride Deep Concealment Holster.  The Cherries Multi-Ride Deep Concealment Holster (Patent Pending) is the next evolution of concealed carry holster.  It is the World's First Appendix Below-The-Waistband (A-BWB) ...Read more

Cherries - Multi-Ride Deep Concealment Holster cherries_aiwb

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Introducing our newest GEN-3 Cherries Multi-Ride Deep Concealment Holster.  The Cherries Multi-Ride Deep Concealment Holster (Patent Pending) is the next evolution of concealed carry holster.  It is the World's First Appendix Below-The-Waistband (A-BWB) holster designed for deep concealment with total retention and a fast draw.  Improved upon our original best-selling Deep Concealment BWB Holster, our new GEN-3 is leaner, meaner and even more adjustable and is now fully injection-molded.

GEN-3 Holster Highlights:

  • State-of-the-art fully injection molded shell body.  (Means laser precision lines with factory-grade quality.)    
  • Can now be run both standard IWB (inside-the-waistband) or our cutting-edge BWB (below the waistband) if/when added concealment is needed.  
  • Our main shell body will fit 80% of your Glocks.  So all of your Glock 9/40 standard, double-stacked mag bodies including the: 17/17L/19/22/23/26/27/34/35.   
  • The ultimate "gut-friendly" appendix holster (allowing you to carry comfortably while seated for prolonged periods of time) while maintaining a high level of concealability but with quick access to your firearm.


  • Total Concealment (Below-The-Waistband)
  • Total Retention (Will Never Be Pulled Off You)
  • Sub-Second Draw (Barrel Assisted)
  • Extremely Minimal
  • Finally A Gut-Friendly Appendix Holster
The Cherries Multi-Ride Concealed Carry Holster uses our patent-pending BWB, Zero Print™ rapid draw, deep concealment system.  This holster is designed specifically for deep concealment where extra retention and concealment are needed. 


Using our patent-pending design, our holster sits securely below the waistband for 100% total concealment.  No more fussing with your shirt, or worrying whether or not your printing; It allows for any type of shirt to be worn without any hassle.

Lets face it, we all put on weight as we get older.  The Cherries Multi-Ride Deep Concealment Holster allows "the guy with a bit of a gut" to finally run a firearm appendix carry, without the weapon cutting into your gut.  The weapon literally rides below the waistband, and therefore rests on the inner part of your thigh, which makes sitting with the weapon extremely comfortable (especially when you spend allot of time behind a desk or in your car).  To access the weapon while seated, simply pop up your weapon ever so slightly which will allow you to get to it quickly, then reset the weapon back into the holster when you're ready to get out of the car.

How often are you drawing your firearm while you everyday carry?  Hopefully never...And while it's important to train hard to defend yourself against armed attacks, the majority of self-defense related conflicts are unarmed.  The deep-seated, full-retention design of the our holster allows the user to defend themselves during an un-armed attack (without the worry or risk of his/her firearm falling out of the holster while going to the ground).   We think this is a major deficiency with more high cut, speed-draw oriented appendix IWB holsters.  Great for the range, not in a fight...They will fall out easily, and just as easily be ripped off you.  With our patent-pending, Zero-Print™ design, your weapon is securely holster'd below-the-waistband where it wont fall out, or get pulled off you.  Theres simply no holster to grab.  Having said all that, the sub second pocket or groin assist draw will have your firearm out of the holster in under a second.  (see draw video above for proper set and recommended draw).

For concealment, many people realize the importance of being able to carry the "Big Gun" whenever possible to improve one's offensive capabilities.  Yet, one of the common drawbacks of traditional concealed carry methods (such as A-IWB and 3 or 4 o'clock concealed OWB/IWB) has been the necessity for carrying a smaller framed handgun in order to minimize printing.  This problem has been solved with the Cherries Holster; it's a game changer as it not only allows the use of a full-sized firearm to be used for concealed carry, but fully concealed carry.   Our first-of-a-kind, patented-pending, raised belt clip design, allows all full sized and compact pistols to sit comfortably Below-The-Waistband (BWB), with absolutely zero printing.  When worn appendix-style carry, the longer barrel of a full sized or compact pistol rides in between the left inner thigh and groin (for right handed shooters), virtually disappearing below the waistband.  Additionally, the longer barrel allows for a rapid Medina Pocket-Assist Draw, which is ideal for offensive special-operations (targeted assassinations, snatch/grab.) Additionally, the unique thigh/groin holster seating position enables the larger handle of a full-sized firearm to sit comfortably- at approximately 1/2 inch below the waistband- across the pelvis area.  This gives the user total accessibility and deeper concealment of his firearm.  Finally, the longer barrel increases the ease of our Pocket-Assisted Draw, since there's more barrel access.  For example, you will notice the difference of an easier pocket-assisted draw of a Glock 19/23 versus a pocket-assisted draw of the shorter barreled Glock 26/27.  With The Cherries holster, you might even actually prefer carrying a longer barreled Glock 17/22!


Running below-the waistband ensures that your weapon stays in exactly the same place you originally mounted it.


The Cherries holster is the first ever true deep concealment full retention holster.  The holster sits Below-The-Waistband (BWB), which includes a full trigger guard for total retention safety.  Using our custom Kydex design, the Cherries holster allows the user to carry appendix style while drastically reducing the risk of accidental or negligent discharge. The are 2 specific, unique design features that create this added retention:

This is the first ever below-the-waistband holster to use a fully enclosed trigger guard. The shape of the holster fully encapsulates the trigger housing mechanism, and actual trigger itself.... reducing ALL risk of accidental discharge while worn fully-seated in the holster.


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