SMART Program

(School Management Armed Response Team)

SMART Program - Tactical RifleSince no one seems willing to put pen to paper in order to produce any worthwhile legislation that would actually deter school shootings, we at Shooting Strategies decided to take on that task. We are committed to the idea that the only way to defeat violence is with increased violence and we recognize that this is effectively and efficiently accomplished with the proper use of firearms.

Too many times we have seen massacres take place in “gun free” zones. Almost without exception- we have witnessed the unarmed be slaughtered by the armed and mentally deranged. The shooting only stops when someone else with a gun, usually the police, arrive to shoot back at the shooter. Unfortunately, the people with guns that are called in are usually off site, and in the precious time that it takes for them to arrive on scene, more and more victims are losing their lives. In order to combat this tragic delay, we have to have superior firepower available on scene. As it pertains to schools, this means that we MUST have capable firearms and capable people ON SITE who are ready to defend the students from harm.

Therefore, here we will outline our program, how it is funded, and how it is projected to be effective in preventing unnecessary violence…

First, this will require money. As with any program- it will not be free. However unlike most government programs, with this proposal I feel certain that we will be able to declare and justify the costs with ease. Each school in America will need to increase their budget to accommodate approximately one additional teacher. Here’s how it works:

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