Weapons Integration and Low-Light Environments

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From time to time, we will film or photograph parts or entire classes for future use in marketing promotions, instructional video sets, or other uses. We would appreciate your permission to include you in these videos and photographs, if such photography/videography is taking place at the training event(s) that you are attending.

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Each course is $130, but a $50 deposit is all that is needed to reserve your spot. The rest of the tuition will be sent in an online invoice two days prior to the event. If you are taking both courses, the total price will be $225 instead of $260.

Standard Gear and Equipment:

You will need the following for the courses you have selected:

Weapons Integration:

  • Semi-Automatic Rifle with Sling (AR-15, AK-47, Mini-14, similar variants preferred... This is not a course for bolt action deer rifles)
    • Minimum of 3 Rifle Magazines
    • Required non-magnified optic (variable magnification is fine so long as you have a minimum setting of 1.5 or lower) (recommend red dot or iron sights)
    • Rifle must be zeroed prior to arrive (arrive up to 1 hour early to confirm zero if needed)
  • Semi-Automatic Handgun with Holster
    • Minimum of 3 Pistol Magazines
    • Magazine Carrier on STURDY BELT (Yes, you actually have to wear a belt, and YES- we want you to have a mag carrier for your handgun ammo)
  • 200+ Rounds of Handgun Ammunition
  • 200+ Rounds of Rifle Ammunition
  • Dress for the weather - we will be shooting outside
    • Kneepads are optional, but recommended
  • Eye and Ear protection required (strongly recommend electronic hearing protection)
  • Sturdy belt

Low-Light Environments:

  • Rifle is optional but recommended
  • Handgun is Required
  • Sling if using a rifle is required
  • Holster and sturdy belt is required
    • If using a weapon-mounted light, have a holster that facilitates that
  • Magazine carrier for handgun mags is required
  • Minimum of 3 magazines for both weapons
  • Weapon Mounted Light is recommended (but not required)
    • Bring 2 extra sets of batteries
  • Handheld light is required
    • Bring 2 extra sets of batteries
  • We will fire about 300 rounds for this course, and the participant can dictate how much of that is in their rifle or handgun
    • Extra ammunition won't go bad, so bring as much as you think you might need
  • We will be shooting outside, at night in January... Dress accordingly.
    • Much of the course will be done inside, but the shooting portion is done outdoors

You will need the following items, regardless of what training you are taking:

  • NO low-cut shirts (the brass will burn you!)
  • Appropriate Dress for the weather (we still shoot in the rain, cold, heat, etc.)
  • Closed toe tennis shoes or boots
  • Hat with brim
  • Bug spray / Sun Screen as needed
  • Snacks / Drinks as desired
  • Eye and Ear Protection (we recommend electronic hearing protection)
  • Notebook and Pen
  • Open Mind
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