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Athens CCW CoursesThe "guns everywhere" law (Safe Carry Protection Act of 2014), recently passed in the state of Georgia, effectively eased restrictions and more clearly defined areas in which carrying concealed firearms was illegal. There are still some prohibited areas within the state (such as schools and government buildings.) The law does now allow for concealed carry in churches and restaurants, however, under certain conditions. Completion of a handgun safety class prior to obtaining a Weapon’s permit is not required in the state of Georgia. Having said this, nearly all responsibly armed citizens agree that quality gun safety education and training is safer and makes you more efficient in self-defense.

Shooting Strategies offers the best concealed carry classes in the Athens area. We offer the best classes for handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Our students come from all over the area. We train students from Watkinsville, Bogart, Jefferson, Clarke County and Oconee County. If you are looking for training in the Atlanta area, please check out our Atlanta Handgun Training.

We subject our instructors to additional training and they invest in enhanced course materials. This provides student with up to date and current information. Our instructors are qualified, insured, and certified. They maintain their certification with such organizations as the USCCA (United States Concealed Carry Association) and the NRA (National Rifle Association). Instructors also maintain an annual insurance policy for their instructional classes. Students invest time and money into the courses. Our instructors do their best to guarantee quality information in exchange for the investment made by our students.

We offer concealed carry classes for handguns, rifles and shotguns. These courses can help enhance your skills with such classes as basic gun safety courses, handgun safety training, NRA Gun Safety, or NRA Concealed Carry Class. The NRA Concealed Carry Classes offered covers the laws of self-defense relevant to the state. We provide real life scenes through role-playing to help our students gain in understanding of when deadly force is necessary and self-defense is legal. This course spends a lot of time enhancing the students understanding of what constitutes as a legal shooting. We also provide details of how to handle the aftermath of an unfortunate event in which you have to defend yourself with deadly force. We help explain what you should and should not say to any official in the shock of the aftermath to help keep you from falsely conveying details incorrectly while in shock.

Our goal is to provide a safe and fun environment to introduce you to handguns and concealed carry. We do everything within our power to provide you with current, up to date, and efficient instruction and training. We want all of our students to leave responsibly armed and confident in their understanding of the laws, procedures, and regulations that accompany safely carrying a firearm.

In short- we do everything that we can do to ensure that all of our students who are interested in carrying a concealed weapon for personal protection receive adequate training and instruction to make sure that they are safely and responsibly armed at the completion of the class. If you are interested in taking a Concealed Carry Training Course, please see our Upcoming Events or feel free to Contact Us.

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