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CCW Class GeorgiaAnytime you carry a weapon, safety should be the number one priority. There is an added responsibility that comes with the handling of a concealed weapon. While the state of Georgia does not require anyone to legally take a course to carry a concealed weapon, most responsible gun owners agree that it is a good idea. When you take a course and equip yourself with vital knowledge you protect both yourself and those around you.

When carrying a concealed weapon there are a lot of factors that come into play. This CCW course in Georgia addresses those key issues vital for protection. The first and most basic thing that our qualified instructors discuss with you is basic firearm safety. Basic firearm safety includes how to handle and shoot a gun safely and efficiently. They will teach various methods for shooting, gripping, unloading, reloading and handling your weapon to ensure the safety of you and those around you.

Georgia has more relaxed laws than other states when it comes to carrying a concealed weapon. Georgia does not require you to take a safety course, but the State of Georgia does expect you to know the laws surrounding your right to carry. If you do not know the law, you do not know if you have broken it. If you do not know what the law is, how can you defend yourself in the unfortunate event that you have to use force to protect yourself? These CCW classes in Georgia will discuss the laws in detail. Our instructors will cover the entire scope of the laws in Georgia as the pertain to your right to carry and conceal. They will also discuss various different laws of self- defense and when you may or may not be justified when using deadly force.

These CCW classes in Georgia also realize the importance of being able to carry your concealed weapon to another state. Not every state will recognize your right to carry. Some states have their own laws and once you cross state lines your right to carry will not apply in that state anymore. It is important to be informed of what states recognize your permit. These classes will discuss your right to carry in Georgia as well as where you can take your concealed weapon legally.

There are many different options available for concealment when carrying a weapon. Our instructors will also discuss this in detail. They will go over the different options and the different methods of safely drawing from concealment. They will teach you how to select the right firearm for your protection, helping ensure you choose one that fits you. Helping you to choose the one that is safest for you, not only for protecting yourself but safest for you to handle as well. Our instructors are certified and have all the necessary qualifications to instruct you on how to become a responsible gun owner. They strive to do their best to educate you in a fun and safe environment so that you are fully equipped with everything you need to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

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