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Gun Classes Monroe GeorgiaGeorgia law does not require residents to complete a gun safety course prior to carrying a weapon for self-defense. This does not excuse you under the laws for operating a firearm irresponsibly, however, and most gun owners agree that having a safety course can greatly reduce the risk of accidents. The idea behind owning a weapon for protection is to enhance the safety and security for the owner and the family of the owner. Knowledge on how to carry a weapon knowledgably and safely is very important. Accidents happen every day from mishandling of firearms.

These Gun Classes in Monroe are designed to help teach gun owners how to safely and responsibly operate their firearms. Our instructors teach basic self- defense techniques. They also cover basic safety handling options as pertaining to various different firearms. Every gun is different, from the feel to the shoot. It is unrealistic to think every person should handle a gun the same exact way. We will cover a variety of methods on how to safely carry, handle, shoot, and load your firearm.

We cover the basic Georgia laws as well. It is important for a gun owner to know their rights and protections as well as the limits to their rights. We cover the laws in Georgia as they pertain to carrying a weapon. We also cover basic self- defense laws and do our best to simulate real life situations to help prepare you how to react. These gun classes in Monroe try to educate our student on the psychological and physiological effects involved in a high stress situation. It is a well-known fact that people do not perform well under high stress. The more prepared you are if you come across a high stress situation, the better equipped you will be to handle it. We also cover basic and appropriate ways to respond to law enforcement in the unfortunate case that you may have to use your firearm for self- defense.

Our instructors use a variety of stimulated scenarios to try and generate possible real life scenarios. The aim is to make sure our students are prepared to respond appropriately to any threat they may come across. Our instructors do their best to equip you with the knowledge you need to ensure you and your family remain safe.

These gun classes in Monroe also cover general safety methods involved in handling a gun. This includes how to hold the gun and different stances for control. We go over a variety of different shooting techniques. We try to make sure that our students know the different ways to efficiently shoot a gun that will give the most control over their firearm. Our goal is to ensure that you leave this class with the knowledge you need to safely protect yourself from threats as well as unfortunate accidents.

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