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CCW Class Lilburn

CCW Class LilburnThis CCW class in Georgia will review basic gun handling and safety techniques for those that need a refresher course. We know that our lives are full of information. We also realize that sometimes it is difficult to remember every little detail. One of our goals is to provide the information in a rememberable way.

Our CCW class in Georgia teaches a wide range of shooting, reloading, safety, and handling techniques. We use a combination of lectures and drills to provide the information needed in a fun and safe way. Our instructors come equipped with all the necessary certifications, experience, and training to provide the expert knowledge you need.

We will teach you a diverse range of shooting techniques. We will cover how to quickly and efficiently draw and shoot your firearm. Our instructors cover the proper methods for carrying a concealed firearm.

Our instructors cover a variety of important topics. Having the right ammunition is very important to the safety of your gun and yourself. We will teach you the importance of selecting the right ammunition and how to unload and load your firearm under pressure. Sometimes a critical situation may call for you to be able to quickly load and unload your gun and being inefficient can result in dire consequences.

When using a firearm your weapon has the potential to jam. Being able to correct malfunctions can be critical in a dangerous situation. Our class will teach you how to correct malfunctions, even in stressful situations. We also realize the importance of being able to shoot in a variety of different ways. We will cover one – handed techniques that could help save your life in many different situations. We also cover the appropriate gear and equipment needed with your chosen firearm.

We cover different methods on how to grip your firearm. Our CCW class in Georgia realizes the importance of learning proper shooting and drawing techniques. Our instructors also cover how to draw and shoot a concealed weapon in different positions.

We understand the importance of understanding the gun laws. We also understand that these laws can be both confusing and hard to understand. This class will help you understand the laws. We cover the laws of self-defense as well. We use a variety of different scenarios aimed at teaching you real-life situations in which you have no other option but self-defense.

The law does not require gun owners to take a safety course prior to obtaining a permit. This class teaches more than safety. Our goal is for our students to complete this class confident in their knowledge of the laws of self-defense and gun safety. We want our students confident in their ability to responsibly and safely handle their concealed weapons. We also want them equipped on how to minimize the risk of accidents caused by concealed weapons. We hope our students leave her equipped to protect themselves and make the world a safer place.

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