AR-15 Training

Tactical Rifle Training

Building a Foundation of Safe Handling and Good Technique

We can show you why the AR-15 is the most popular rifle in American history! Our Tactical Rifle training is structured similarly to our handgun training. It is broken down into four hour blocks and taught sequentially, allowing the student to go from little or no knowledge of their rifle to being able to manipulate it in such a way that they could reliable defend themselves with it.

Whether you are just being introduced to the tactical rifle or carried one for years, we can enhance your capabilities and with it and show you how much or a force multiplier it can be.

Multiple Applications

Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

Many people have the common misconception that the rifle isn't a wise choice for home or vehicle defense. We challenge that opinion, and would like to show you why we think it is the optimum defense weapon when properly configured. 


Tactical Rifle 101

What You Will Learn:

Rifle Training Dark

  • Parts and Operation of the rifle
  • Care and Maintenance of the rifle
  • Sights, Optics, and Accessory discussion
  • Zeroing the rifle
  • Diagnosing and clearing malfunctions
  • Shooting exercises from 7 - 100 Yards
  • Improvised shooting positions, use of cover, and shooting on the move
  • Transitioning to a secondary weapon system

Rifle Training

Tactical Rifle 102

Pushing Your Skills To the Next Level

This course will pick up where 101 left off, and will quickly challenge your skills. This course will work you through exercises where you will shoot from multiple positions (including behind cover), force you to perform reloads, malfunction correction, and much more.

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Special Topics

Focus on The Fight, Not the Tool In Your Hand

Often times we will have courses where we focus on the requests of groups or individuals. We have taught classes specific to Home Defense, Rifles and Automobiles, Low-Light rifle, Weapons Integration, and more. At this level, the courses are less focused on running the rifle and more on problem solving with a weapon in your hands.


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