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Home Defense and Weapons Manipulation - 10/24/15

Tactical Rifle Training

In the afternoon of October 24, 2015- we completed a course that had a specialized syllabus specific to the requests of those involved. Specifically, the course was a hybrid of the content within the Handgun Manipulation course, Tactical Rifle, and the Home Defense course.

During this course we began with a basic breakdown of the human anatomy, and specifically the ways that we can cause the human body to fail due to a traumatic wound. We identify our "two most efficient ways to shut down the human machine." Those two ways are to disrupt either the body's electrical system (central nervous system) or the hydraulic system (combination of respiratory and circulatory systems). After a discussion of the ways that bullet wounds can cause the human body to fail, we move on to the manipulations covered in our Level 2 Handgun courses. We worked on reloading both from slide lock as well as from a chambered reload. We worked on identifying and clearing all four types of common handgun malfunctions.

AR-15 Low KneelingAs we moved into the Tactical Rifle content, we worked on the fundamentals that would be the equivalent to our Level 1 Handgun content. Topics included:

  • Zeroing the Optic
  • Understanding "hold over"
  • Grip/Stance
  • Shooting from Standing and Kneeling
  • Loading/Unloading the Rifle
  • Reloading from slide lock

As with our Level 2 Handgun courses, we did a lot of live fire exercises throughout the course of the day. We work on a skill and then exercise it enough to thoroughly understand the concept and then move on to the next skill. We intentionally prepare the skill sets so that each skill will build on the proficiency of the previous skills. Per the request of the students involved in the course, the round count was slightly higher than usual to accommodate a slightly smaller group and a more aggressive learning pace.

The last topic that we included in this course was basic cornering/clearing for home defense. We worked on basic "slicing the pie" techniques from both the left and right side using both handguns and rifles. This portion included discussions of utilizing distance, changing levels, and using a solid shooting base for the rfile. Sometimes it can be possible to utilize the bed or similar furniture to provide that shooting base.

The feedback from the course was very positive, and I look forward to having some additional training time with everyone who participated.

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