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Single Person - Home Defense / Residential Structures (CQB)

Single-Person Home Defense CQB

As citizens, we are in or around buildings or vehicles for the vast majority of our lives. Since both vehicles and structures/dwellings offer different problems and opportunities, it stands to reason that we should learn how to defend ourselves and loved-ones in these environments. In this course, we are going to work on how to solve problems within residential structures such as homes and apartments. This course will provide an entry-level understanding of how to navigate indoors in such a way that they can most effectively negotiate any and all problems that arise within a home. Make no mistake- this is not a course for the brand-new shooter. This course covers more of the concepts related to fighting with a firearm than it does manipulating and shooting a firearm. 

Covered Topics will include:

  • Weapon/Gear Selection
    • Considerations of Over-Penetration, Ammo Preferences, Cover vs. Concealment
    • Advantages/Disadvantages of Long Guns and Handguns
  • Thorough Explanation of Doors and Doorways
  • Thorough Explanation of Common Room Layouts (Center-Fed vs. Corner-Fed; Read vs. No-Read Rooms)
  • Scenario Based Problems and Solutions (Hunting vs. Being Hunted)
  • Barricading and Hiding
  • Geometric Problem-Solving of Corners
  • Limited Penetration Room Entry Techniques
  • Dynamic Entries (aka Direct to Threat)
  • Dealing with Hallways (L-Shaped, T-Shaped, X-Shaped)
  • Dealing with Multiple Rooms
  • Developing a Plan
  • Dealing with the Aftermath (what you should and should not say to the Police and Dispatchers)

Participants Will be Provided With:

  • Copy of Single Person Close Quarters Battle Manual
  • Electronic Certificate of Completion
  • Training firearms and ammo to be able to work in a 360° environment

Participants Should Bring:

  • Notepad and Pen
  • Ear/Eye Protection
  • Firearm(s) of their choice
  • 250 rounds of ammunition distributed as desired for each firearm brought (extra ammo won't go bad, bring as much as you'd like)

Pre-Requisite Training:

Each participant must have successfully passed any of the following courses and have the permission of the instructor to join:

  • Handgun Manipulation & Personal Protection
  • Tactical Rifle 102
  • Rifle / Handgun Integration
  • Low-Light Rifle
  • Low-Light Handgun
  • NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home
  • USCCA Home Defense
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  • Single-Person_CQB67_1920x
  • Single-Person_CQB79_1920x
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