Georgia Gun Safety Training

Ladies Only Training

Upon request, we will offer courses where all of the participants are female. We have found that there are some instances where the participants are more comfortable in a setting where all of the participants are female. These courses can also focus on specific topics such as concealed carry options for women, armed or unarmed self-defense, home defense, or any other applicable topics. We will also bring female assistant instructors to demonstrate many of the techniques and help with the course of instruction.


Special Topics

Focus on The Fight, Not the Tool In Your Hand

Often times we will have courses where we focus on the requests of groups or individuals. We have taught classes specific to Home Defense, Rifles and Automobiles, Low-Light rifle, Weapons Integration, and more. At this level, the courses are less focused on running the rifle and more on problem solving with a weapon in your hands.


Unarmed Combatives

If you are interested in training without a firearm or other force multiplier, we are certainly willing and able to accomodate that as well. In fact, that's where all of this started. From 1998 - 2010, Richard was heavily involved in the Mixed Martial Arts (called No Holds Barred in those days) and Submission Grappling communities as a student, competitor, and coach. Trained by Gary Brown (founder of Eagle Combat Systems and Army combat veteran of Vietnam) and George Allen (retired professional fighter and referee, Army veteran), Richard dedicated much of his life to learning both the sport aspects of Mixed Martial Arts as well as the in-depth intricacies of the Eagle Combat System. After almost a decade, Richard achieved the rank of Shodan (First Degree Black Belt) under Gary Brown, becoming one of a handful of students to achieve this rank.

Richard has also conducted seminars covering the following topics:

  1. Rape Prevention for College Dorms, Women's Groups, and Private Businesses
  2. Situational Awareness for both male and female civilians
  3. Unarmed self-defense
  4. Edged weapon self-defense
  5. Concealed Carry techniques for civilians
  6. Firearm safety
  7. Home Protection both with and without firearm
  8. No-Gi Submission Grappling for Competition
  9. Mixed Martial Arts

Law Enforcement

We can work with groups of officers or individual officers as needed. We can work on topics ranging from firearms techniques to takedowns and controlling suspects. 

Richard worked with several Law Enforcement Officers and Agencies throughout the central Georgia area through seminars as well as continued instructional services. Serving as both a consultant and instructor, Richard worked with Officers and Agencies in the following topics and from the following organizations:

  1. Defensive Tactics
  2. Situational Awareness
  3. Officer Safety
  4. Takedowns
  5. Positional Control
  6. Handcuffing Techniques
  7. Small Arms Weapons Retention
  8. Small Arms Weapons Disarming
  9. Small Arms Weapons Deployment
  10. Firearm Presentation
  11. Cell Extraction
  1. Milledgeville Police Department
  2. Baldwin County Sheriff's Department
  3. Baldwin County Jail
  4. Central State Prison
  5. Dekalb County Jail
  6. Gwinnett County Police Department
  7. Georgia State Patrol
  8. Baldwin County SRT
  9. Dekalb County Sheriff's Department
  10. Rockdale County Task Force Against Family Violence

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