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Low-Light Environments

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Rifle Training

Tactical Rifle 102

Pushing Your Skills To the Next Level

This course will pick up where 101 left off, and will quickly challenge your skills. This course will work you through exercises where you will shoot from multiple positions (including behind cover), force you to perform reloads, malfunction correction, and much more.

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Vehicle Combatives

Covered Topics:

Vehicle Combatives

  1. Entering/Exiting the vehicle
  2. Understanding the "clean" vs. "dirty" sides
  3. Ballistic Demonstration
  4. Understanding Cover vs. Concealment
  5. Shooting into the car vs. out of the car
  6. Ballistic Trajectory Deviations
  7. Movement in/around the vehicle
  8. Weapons Manipulations inside the vehicle
  9. Working around passengers

Handgun Training

Advanced Handgun Training

This course is designed to get graduates of our Handgun Manipulation & Personal Protection Course course ready for concealed carry. We will work against the clock with our shooting, reloading, and clearing of malfunctions. This course is six hours long, consisting of a combination of lecture time and live fire exercises. The "lectures" will consist of open dialog, question/answers, discussions, interactive demonstrations, videos, and more. This course continues where Handgun Manipulation & Personal Protection Course leaves off.


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