Illuminate Your Target BEFORE Shooting

Why Would You EVER Shoot At Someone That You Can't Identify?

WML 1You've heard us harp on the idea that every fighting firearm should be equipped with a light. If you've taken any of our more advanced courses, then you know that we strongly recommend multiple sources of light so that you have spares in the event of a malfunction or failure. For the record, it is my opinion that if everyone knew how to properly use a weapon mounted light (or freehand lighting techniques) that lives would be saved and other lives would not be ruined by financial debt, incarceration, and grief. What do I mean by this?

If you are in a low-light environment and do not have means to a light, then you may have a very hard time illuminating and identifying your target. If you can't identify who your target is then how in the world could you ever explain that you knew that they were a threat? Without knowing whether or not your target is a threat, why in the world would you ever shoot at them? With some practice and some training in low-light environments, we wouldn't read nearly as many stories about people who shot loved ones or friends because they believed they were an intruder. There would be a distinct time when the person with the firearm illuminated the target and identified them as a loved one, only to immediately change their aim and safety their weapon. Instead, we have heartbreaking stories similar to the ones below:

How are these people ever able to live a normal life after having taken the life of a family member because they didn't illuminate and identify their target before shooting at it? Having learned of their mistakes, why would you still own a firearm that doesn't have a light mounted to it (or at least a light that is always with it)? Being able to fight at night includes being able to see your target in order to effectively engage it. There are also ways to utilize your light as an offensive weapon, by destroying someone else's night vision (visual purple) and controlling their visual horizon. This assists in you moving, advancing, retreating, or changing levels without the other party being able to know exactly where you have moved. There are a number of reasons that carrying a weapon-mounted light is a good idea- but should only need this one: if you can't see it, you shouldn't shoot it.

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