Podcast Interview: Grappling With Theology

On June 15, I was interviewed by Frank Mullis who runs the Podcast Grappling With Theology. The description of the interview is below:

On this episode of #GWT, we interview Richard Whirley of ShootingStrategies.com. Richard Discussed his background in Martial Arts and his MMA and Self-Defense theories.  We discuss the Dos and Dont’s of with Firearms training.  We also discuss what one needs to carry on them and in the car when traveling.  We also talk about Force Multipliers and their use in an active shooter situation.  We spend time discussing how churches are vulnerable to active shooters. We look at statistics of what happens when there is an active shooter with and without the presence of someone with a weapon present. When then discuss yesterday’s Active Shooter situations in Virginia and California.  Questions from the DOJO discusses the upcoming Fight between Mayweather and McGregor and concealed weapons in NYC.

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