Political Expediency in the Aftermath of Tragedy

Barack Hussein ObamaIn the aftermath of any mass shooting, there is an immediate fallout from the radical leftists in Washington to "do something about gun control." Conveniently, that narrative is strikingly absent during attacks that don't include firearms like the Lower Manhattan Truck Attack and is replaced with the narrative of "the acts of 1 Muslim don't represent all Muslims." I don't think I have to explain the reasoning behind the replacement narrative, so instead- I'll focus on the calls for gun control.

Why do politicians, who collectively know virtually nothing about the way firearms truly function, want to immediately act on gun control? Well, I suppose that each has their own warped motivations behind it, but I believe there is a collective reasoning. Anyone who randomly attacks others, albeit with a firearm or other tool(s), is evil. You can't legislate evil. If you could, we would only need one law: Don't do anything evil. Since that obviously won't work, we can't focus on the evil but rather on the tool that is used even if we only focus on the tool when it fits our corrupt narrative. It's not politically expedient to do nothing after a tragedy. Our sheepish constituents want to believe that someone more powerful than themselves is doing something, anything to help protect them. We look to our elected leaders and beg for them to do something to proctect the collective group in society.

What are the elected leaders going to do? Treat the sheep like adults and explain to them that evil is real and everyone is their own first responder?

That's not politcally expedient at all when your constituents aren't prepared to hear that whether they like it or not, evil chooses when and where the fight starts.

So instead, they treat the sheep like sheep. They tell them that they'll protect them by legislating the tools of the wolf instead of facing the reality that the wolf might have bad intentions for the sheep. They do what's politically expedient, and they tend to the flock instead of teaching the flock to fend for itself.

They take the position that they will handle the tough responsibility so that the sheep don't have to try to be responsible for themselves.

  • Responsibility: the opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions without authorization; the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something
  • Response: a reaction to something; also the root word of Responsibility
  • Responder: one who creates or issues a response

Whether we like it or not, there are wolves out there. There are those who live amongst us who will intentionally hurt others without remorse. They will circumvent the rules. They will disobey the laws. They will bypass the restrictions. They are evil and will do whatever it takes to inflict harm upon the innocent. The answer for the evil is superior violence carried out by good people. Sometimes those good people are law enforcement officers. Other times, those are citizens who choose to act in the face of evil. YOU get to make a choice- are YOU your own first responder? Do you take responsibility for your own safety and for the safety of those whom you love, or do you want to wait for more sufficient good responders to come protect you?

No matter your personal stance on which tools you use to protect yourself- you need to understand that training is the #1 investment you can make in yourself. Learn how to inflict trauma with or without weapons. Learn how to treat trauma with both professional and improvised medical supplies. Be Your Own First Responder.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing."

-Edmund Burke

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