Florida School Shooting

Coach Fies - HEROHere we are again, burying our nation's children in the aftermath of another school shooting. Quite a while ago, I wrote an article about an efficient way to combat school shootings (SMART Program to Combat School Shootings). In it, we recognize that evil exists in the world and that our loved ones, especially our children, deserve the ultimate protection from that evil. Unfortunately, it's not politically expedient to admit to your sheepish constituents that it's not possible to legislate evil- so instead they focus on the tools that the evil perpetrator used (but only if they used a firearm). So we wrote an article about Political Expediency in the Aftermath of Tragedy... And now we're watching the exact same pattern of political ineptitude.

We see the heroes from the story, like pictured Coach Feis, who died while shielding students from gun fire. We see the political right immediately identifying the mass-killer as an extreme leftist (per usual for mass-killers), and we see the political left immediately blaming the gun he used instead of the criminal. It's disgusting. We see the sheep among us who say "we need to come together and pray over it" when in reality- the school children of America don't need our prayers. They need protection in the form of return-fire. 

I'm disgusted with all of it.

I'm disgusted with the political debate over the proper means of protection. IT'S NOT A TOPIC FOR POLITICIANS TO DEBATE. THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE TOPIC! Would you want open heart surgery procedures to be debated by people who know nothing about surgery? Would you want flight protocols written by people who have never flown? NO!  You would want heart-surgeons and pilots, subject matter experts, to debate the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure. Why then would you want people who don't know one damned thing about security or firearm function to debate the solution to a problem that their children will never face?

We see these mass-killings play out virtually exclusively in gun-free zones. Why do you think that is? The idea behind these attacks is to create as much carnage as possible before an armed response is present. The solution that our liberal elite want to provide: Put the armed response out of sight and somewhere far away. Think about how asinine that is... You want the people that can stop the carnage to NOT BE ON SCENE as soon as possible? It's completely idiotic, and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of listening to "gun control experts" lecture me on the tools with which I should defend myself and others. If they don't have a training resume commensurate with mine, then I'm no longer entertaining the conversation. I don't tell my pilot which altitude he should fly at, and I don't tell my surgeon which tool he should use during surgery. I certainly don't need a completely incomptent politician who has a dedicated security team to explain to me that a double barrel shotgun is sufficient to defend my family. (Looking at you, Joe Biden!) I will no longer entertain a conversation with people who tell me that "no civilian should own an AR-15" but they can't properly identify any working part of the firearm. 

Want to tell me about how I should defend my family? Produce a training resume with credentials that validate your expertise on the topic. Able to do so and still disagree with me? Let's have an intelligent debate (not an argument), and we'll likely find that we have more in common than you might think.

Not able to produce any viable training resume with reputable sources of instruction?

Then please, join the politicians who should all shut up while adults discuss a real solution.

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