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What to Say to Police After a Shooting

If you ever have to use your firearm to defend yourself or someone else, you will need to be very familiar with some things that you should and shouldn't say to the responding police officers in the aftermath of a shooting. There is a common 5 part plan that you need to commit to memory:

  1. "This man was attacking me. I was in fear for my life."
  2. "I am willing to file a complaint against this person."
  3. Point out the evidence to the police.
  4. Point out the witnesses to Police.
  5. "I will give my full cooperation, but I will need to speak to my attorney first." (Note: it is not enough to simply invoke your right to remain silent.You must request your attorney!)

At this point, you will want to have another plan in place. Personally, I am insured for legal protection in the aftermath of a judicious use of force by the USCCA. I highly recommend that you consider a similar protection policy. Just as you would rely on your car insurance to cover your medical bills in the aftermath of an accident, you should have some sort of protection to cover your incredibly large legal bills in the aftermath of a shooting. For less than a dollar per day, I am covered for up to $1,000,000 in Civil Suit Defense & Damages, $100,000 in Criminal Defense Protection & Instant Attorney Retention, $10,000 in immediate bail bond funding, $500/day compensation while in court, and more. If you're interested in learning more about this type of proteciton, I highly recommend considering the USCCA Self-Defense Shield.

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