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VTAC Board

VTAC BarricadeKyle Lamb, head instructor of Viking Tactics, has designed a board called a VTAC Board specifically to force shooters into awkward shooting positions. You can get one piece of 4x8' plywood and make two of these boards, and they are a great way to increase the difficulty in your shooting drills.

Per their instructions, "the Viking Tactics Barricade provides the shooter with an extremely functional and transportable training aid that can be built in an afternoon with basic woodworking tools and skills."

Below you can see some of the skills that you can work on using this board:

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How to Make Cheap IDPA Targets

If you're interested in Training on a Budget, you need to be able to create targets affordably. Scrap boxes are easy to come by. Any business that deals in Distribution or Packaging will have AMPLE boxes that they throw away every day. You can ask anyone that works there to have them put aside a pallet, and in a matter of days you'll have more targets than you could use in months. Couple that with some cheap spray paint ($.99 at Home Depot) and you have CHEAP targets for a very long time.

First, you need to get the dimensions of the target that you want to make, and cut out a stencil of those dimensions. Personally, I'll be using IDPA style targets. You can even cut small holes in the scoring lines and stencil those in as well, to really have a great training resource. The dimensions of the IDPA target are below.

Official IDPA Target

So now let's take a look at the process once you have your stencil made:

Cheap Homemade Bullet Drop for the Hornady Lock-N-Load

Part of being able to train on a budget is being able to reload ammo on a budget. I have a Hornady Lock-N-Load AP, and I must say that I love it. This article is going to be in refernece to that press, and we will looking at reloading 9mm ammunition. The purpose of this tutorial is how you can continuously feed the bullet drop dye without having to purchase the $271 Automatic Bullet Feeder by Hornady. We're going to accomplish the same thing, but we're going to do it for about $30... Thus, reloading on a budget!

Items Needed:

  • Hornady Bullet Feeding Dye ($24.49)
    • The Bullet Feed Die comes with a .355 PTX Powder Through Expander, so you don't need to buy one for your Powder Measure.
  • 36" 7/16" OD Plastic Tube ($1.99 each - I bought three)
  • 5/8" Hitch Pin Clips (2 for each tube)($0.50 each at Home Depot)
    • I had trouble with the weight of the bullets not allowing the collet to move freely, thus jamming the process. I used a hitchpin every 5 inches (exactly 9 projectiles) and load them in sections of 9 with ZERO problems. Thre reason I chose 9 projectiles is because that is exactly how many the Hornady Bullet feeding Dye will hold.
  • Black Electrical Tape
  • 18" Threaded Rod (optional, I used for mounting) (available at any Hardware Store)
  • Eye bolt (optional, I used for mounting) (available at any Hardward Store)

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