How to Make Cheap IDPA Targets

If you're interested in Training on a Budget, you need to be able to create targets affordably. Scrap boxes are easy to come by. Any business that deals in Distribution or Packaging will have AMPLE boxes that they throw away every day. You can ask anyone that works there to have them put aside a pallet, and in a matter of days you'll have more targets than you could use in months. Couple that with some cheap spray paint ($.99 at Home Depot) and you have CHEAP targets for a very long time.

First, you need to get the dimensions of the target that you want to make, and cut out a stencil of those dimensions. Personally, I'll be using IDPA style targets. You can even cut small holes in the scoring lines and stencil those in as well, to really have a great training resource. The dimensions of the IDPA target are below.

Official IDPA Target

So now let's take a look at the process once you have your stencil made:

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