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ServiceNow Corporate Event

CAROver a warm July weekend in Georgia, we hosted a group of 21 people at Fair Weather Farms to enjoy a day of rifle and handgun shooting. We were contacted by Service Now, a company in Atlanta who wanted to have a fun and safe introduction to tactical shooting for several of their customers. The concept of the tactical shooting event was to be approximately half educational, and half entertainment- and I would like to think that we accomplished a great balance of those objectives.

We began at about 10:30 a.m. with a presentation from ServiceNow regarding their corporate offerings for their clients. Given the large crowd, there was a wide array of skill levels present in the room. We had three instructors present and three ranges set up for live fire. The idea being that we would be able to push the skills of the more experienced shooters without intimidating or "leaving behind" the less experienced shooters. There were also three optional breakout sessions scheduled throughout the day. The beginners of the crowd stayed with Cy in the lodge to cover the 7 fundamentals of shooting and to go over extensive safety briefings. The more experienced handgun shooters immediately went out to the range with Richard to begin getting some range time in after a short safety briefing and a quick run-down of the proper grip of a semi-automatic handgun. The more experienced shooters interested in rifle training joined Clark on the top range.

After this first training/instruction session, it was time for lunch. We had BBQ chicken catered in from a local caterer, and the conversations throughout lunch allowed for ample networking opportunities amongst the participants as well as for question/answers regarding firearm training from the instructors.

After lunch, Clark took his group back to the rifle range and Cy had the beginner group hit the range for live fire. Richard went into the Lodge to teach the second breakout session, which covered "Shutting Down the Human Machine - Why We Shoot Where We Shoot." This conversation covered everything from attacking the Central Nervous System, Respiratory System, Circulatory System, and Skeletal System all the way into night vision and body armor. After a brief question/answer period at the end of this session, Richard went to the rifle range to take over for Clark, and Clark went down to teach his breakout session. Clark is a Police Officer, and presented a great session covering the legal issues surround judicious use of force and the weapons laws for the state of Georgia.

After Clark finished his breakout session, it was time to get back to the range for some demonstrations and more live fire exercises. For this section of the day, we provided a series of demonstrations regarding vehicles. We placed multiple rubber dummies inside of a car, and allowed each participant present to take turns shooting into the car at the dummies. We stopped and demonstrated the difference between Cover and Concealment regarding various areas of the vehicle, and allowed everyone to engage the dummies with an AR-15, an AK-47, as well as an assortment of handguns.

As we dismissed everyone for the day, we re-emphasized our appreciation for their positive attitudes and participation throughout the hot, Georgia day. It was a very positive event and we look forward to hosting ServiceNow again in the future!

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