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Clark S.

Guest Instructor

Clark is a Sheriff's Deputy in Oconee County, Georgia and a certified firearms instructor. He also owns and operates Sparrow Defense.

Clark Sparrow is a guest instructor who helps teach large and/or advanced courses with us. The following information about Clark comes from his bio page of Sparrow Defense, a company which he currently owns and operates.

Clark obtained his B.A. in English with a minor in Writing from Gettysburg College.  He then earned his Master's in Education from the University of Georgia and worked as a regular classroom teacher until becoming a law enforcement officer in 2006.

Clark attended the police academy at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC) in Athens, Georgia.  He graduated first in his class both academically and in firearms proficiency (with back to back perfect scores on the Georgia POST qualification course).  He is currently a Master Marksman at his agency and regularly conducts firearms and continuing education training for law enforcement officers, civilians, and businesses.  His work experience includes more than two years on a Special Operations unit tasked with highway drug interdiction and crime suppression.  His law enforcement credentials include:

    • Georgia POST Certifications:
      • Intermediate Law Enforcement Certification
      • Advanced Law Enforcement Certification
      • Supervisory Law Enforcement Certification
      • Field Training Officer (FTO) Certification
      • POST General Instructor
      • POST Firearms Instructor
      • POST Shotgun Instructor
      • POST Defensive Tactics Instructor
    • GALEFI Patrol Rifle Instructor
    • SWAT School and 5+ years of SWAT experience
    • Sniper School and 2+ years as agency marksman
    • Sub-machine Gun School
    • Protective Details / Diplomat Protection Training
    • ALERRT Active Shooter Response Training
    • Incident Command for Active Shooter Incidents - Department of Homeland Security
    • Medical First Responder
    • Certified Glock Armorer
    • Certified Sig Sauer Armorer
    • Certified Smith and Wesson M&P Rifle and Pistol Armorer

Beyond his law enforcement training, Clark received training and certifications through the following instructors and organizations:

    • NRA Certified Instructor (Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home)
    • Firearm Instructor Development Course: John Farnam of Defense Training International
    • Firearm Instructor Development Course: Tom Givens of Range Master
    • Firearm Instructor Development Course: Integrated Weapon Systems with "Super" Dave Harrington
    • Firearm Instructor Development Course: Vehicle CQB with Chase Jenkins of Talon Defense
    • Killhouse: Matt Graham of Graham Combat
    • Combative Pistol: Kelly McCaan of Kembativz Brand
    • Combat Speed Pistol: "Super" Dave Harrington
    • Vehicle Defense / Counter Ambush "Gunfighter": Chase Jenkins of Talon Defense
    • Low Light Vehicle Defense / Counter Ambush "Dark Gunfighter": Chase Jenkins of Talon Defense
    • C2 - Combatant Casualty Care: Ditch Medicine / Talon Defense
    • Video Diagnostic Rifle: John "Shrek" McPhee, the Sheriff of Baghdad (two courses)
    • Video Diagnostic Pistol: John "Shrek" McPhee, the Sheriff of Baghdad (two courses)
    • Tactical Handgun 101: Randy Cain of Cumberland Tactics
    • Dynamic Fighting Rifle: Eric Lund of Lund Dynamics
    • AK Operator Course: Erik Lund of Lund Dynamics
    • Combative Pistol: Tom Givens of Rangemaster
    • Performance Pistol: Frank Proctor of Way of the Gun
    • Extreme Close Quarters Concepts (ECQC): Craig "SouthNarc" Douglas of Shivworks
    • EPIC (Enhanced Performance in Confrontations), HRP (High Risk Personnel), and Law Enforcement Restricted Officer Survival: Dennis Martin of CQB Services
    • Private Pistol Instruction: Ken Park of Precision Shooting Academy
    • Private Rifle Instruction: Jamie Wiedeman of Wiedeman Consulting and SureFire, LLC

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