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Ken Park - TACTS Academy

ken parkKen, who is the founder and Lead Instructor of TACTS-Academy, began his law enforcement career in the State of Georgia in the early 90’s as a Police Officer.  Within a short period of time, he filled critical positions within the agencies beginning with Uniform Patrol Division, Criminal Investigation Division, Vice Unit, Undercover Unit, Organized Asian Gang Unit, Narcotics Unit, SWAT, Hostage Negotiator, Firearms/Tactics Instructor and Federal Task Force Agent.

Shortly after September 11, 2001, he left the state law enforcement agency to continue his career in the federal law enforcement by becoming a U.S Federal Air Marshal.  During his career with the U.S Federal Air Marshal Service, he operated in numerous real world missions throughout the U.S as well as the Globe. Ken was able to receive advance training such as Tactical Firearms Training where he obtained an expert shooter status, Aircraft Tactics where he learned how to deal with different hijacking situations, EMT basic certification training, Phase II Advance Federal Air Marshal Training and various types of tactics.

Ken IraqIn 2005, he left the U.S Federal Air Marshal Service to continue his career with Blackwater U.S.A. providing High Threat Dignitary Worldwide Personal Protective Services Program (WPPS) for the U.S Department of State in both Iraq and Afghanistan.  He served as the APD Advance Gold Team Shift Leader for the Ambassador Protection Division protecting Ambassador Negroponte, Jeffries, and other visiting U.S Dignitaries.

In 2007, he became a member of WPPS Firearms and Tactics cadre after completing the U.S. Department of State Basic Field Firearms Course (BFFOC). Shortly after, taking on a Lead Firearms Instructor role then finally promoted to the Range Master Firearms Instructor (RMFI).  Ken was assigned to the Department of State, Diplomatic Protective Service Specialist, WPPS II, as a Range Master/  ITI / Lead Firearms & Tactics Instructor, Baghdad Iraq.  As a Range Master / ITI / Lead Firearms & Tactics Instructor, Ken was responsible for coordination of all DOS Weapons and Tactics Training for Glock 19, M4, SAW M249, M240, M203 and Shotgun for 1000 + WPS PSS security personnel.  As a Range Master, Ken was responsible for managing and leading a WPPS Firearms cadre of 14 Instructors.  In this capacity, he planned, organized and executed technical, tactical, administrative and logistical requirements critical and necessary to support WPS Firearms Program as directed.  Some of the tactics included but not limited to were:  Close Quarters Battle (CQB), High-Risk Entries, Room/Building Clearing, Hallway/Stairway CQB Movement, Shoot-Don’t Shoot Scenarios, Active/Reactive Shoot Scenarios, Wall and Penetration Sprawling Drills, Target Identification Drills, Direct to Threat/ Active Shooter, Speed Drill, Multiple Target Engagement, Barricade/Cover Shooting Drill, Tactical Pistol Glock19, Tactical Rifle M4, Critical Skills Marksmanship and Tactical Shotgun.

This multitude of experience, both in high threat combat zones and on the streets, allows him to pass on a no-holds-barred look at what it takes to not just survive, but to win a lethal armed encounter.

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