No Fly, No Buy List - Good Idea?

The Senate Democrats are presenting a bill that will prevent anyone who is on any "terror watch list" from being able to purchase a firearm. No brainer, right? At first pass- yes, that makes sense... But let's remember who is enforcing this... Our government isn't exactly known for their flawless execution. Let's take a closer look.

Currently, there is no notification if someone is placed on any of these watch lists. There is no publication showing how many lists there are, who is on the lists, what they did to be placed on the list(s), or a legal process for being removed from the lists if you were placed there accidentally or without cause. There is a petition process where you can request the DHS to remove you (the organization that originally misplaced you on this list), but there is no guarantee that your case will even be considered. In other words, this is a system to monitor American citizens without due process. The Democrats are now proposing we go one step further and actually suspend Consitutional Rights of people on this list, again- without due process.

"But surely that won't be an issue for anyone, right? I mean- after all, this is a pretty serious list. In order to be placed on such a list, you'd think that the government was pretty thorough in their reasoning and that mistakes would be incredibly rare." You would think so, but you'd be wrong...

The ever-liberal New York Times just published a story about Mikey Hicks, an 8 year old boy who has been on a terror watch list of the Department of Homeland Security for the past 6 years and seemingly can't get off of it. He's a Cub Scout, but unfortunately his name is similar to someone else who is on a watch list. So from the time he was TWO YEARS OLD to his current role in Cub Scouts, this young man has been inadvertantly and mistakenly placed on a terror watch list. The article also points out that "over the past three years, 81,793 frustrated travelers have formally asked that they be struck from the watch list through the Department of Homeland Security; more than 25,000 of their cases are still pending." In fact, it came to light that even Democrat Senate champion Ted Kennedy was accidentally placed on a terrorist watch list.

Furthermore, aside from the pitiful execution that our government is known for, there is the potential for massive abuse of law-abiding citizen's Constitutional rights utilizing this legislation. Since there is no process, criteria, or outline for getting added to these lists, and since there is no notification of one's addition to these lists, what is to stop the government from removing the Second Amendment rights from any American citizen that they want? If this legislation were to pass and our loving friends in office were to abuse this power, there would be nothing to stop them from targeting members of an organization they didn't like... Say, for instance- the National Rifle Association... That could never happen? Oh... You must have forgotten about other times that the government used various agencies to specifically target people or groups that they found politically inconvenient. Does the name Lois Lerner ring a bell? I believe I remember something about her involvement in an IRS Targeting Scandal.

So is this a good idea? Well, I don't know how one can argue that it's a good idea to indefinitely suspend an American citizen's Second Amendment rights after circumventing their Fourth Amendment rights without the involvement of a judge or due process. I know it seems old fashioned, but there is this cool little document called the Constitution of the United States that seems to be at odds with this proposal.

Colion Noir talks about the terror watch list and warns those in the media who are hoping the secret government list will destroy the Second Amendment to not be surprised when that list lays waste to the First Amendment as well. Trey Gowdy also goes on an epic rant regarding the proposal of suspending someone's Second Amendment rights indefinitely without due process. See the excellent videos below:

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