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Fighting in the Dark

Fighting in the Dark

Prevailing in Low-Light Encounters

Harries Lighting TechniqueIt is dark for 50% of your life. Therefore, it stands to reason that the potential for violent encounters to occur at night is very high. Do you know how to utilize your firearm in conjunction with a flashlight or weapon mounted light? Have you ever fired your firearm at night? Do you know how the human eye adapts to be able to see better in low-light environments? Do you know how to use your light as a force-multiplier and control your attacker's visual horizon? 

After this course, you will!

Tactical Rifle Training

Tactical Rifle (AR-15) Training

We can show you why the AR-15 is the most popular rifle in American history.

This is an 8 hour course of hands-on instruction conducted entirely at the range. This course was designed to give students the knowledge and skills required to effectively carry, maintain, and deploy a rifle for defense.

The course content will include but is not limited to:

  • Parts and Operation of the rifle
  • Care and Maintenance of the rifle
  • Sights, Optics, and Accessory discussion
  • Zeroing the rifle
  • Diagnosing and clearing malfunctions
  • Shooting exercises from 7 - 100 Yards
  • Improvised shooting positions, use of cover, and shooting on the move
  • Transitioning to a secondary weapon system

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Private Instruction

Private Instruction Available!If you are interested in private lessons for you as an individual or if you and a partner would like to get together, please contact us. We certainly recommend that you supplement your training with additional private instruction to ensure that the skills you have learned are being developed and repetitively trained the right way. This level of private instruction is available both to Law Enforcement Officers as well as private citizens.

We strongly encourage that two people who can train together on a regular basis both be present at the private instruction because they will be able to assist each other during their regular training routines using familiar vocabulary, topics, and concepts that they learned together at the private training.

Make an investment in yourself and reinforce the skills that you have already learned, as well as learn additional skills that will take your abilities to the next level.

The rates for private instruction are as follows:

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Low-Light, Home Defense, Force-on-Force

Low Light Firearm TrainingNAME: Low-Light, Home Defense, Force-on-Force Training

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Students will learn how to manipulate their firearm at night, one-handed, on the move, and how to deal with corners and clearing within a residential structure. A specific emphasis will be placed on lighting techniques and fighting in low-light environments. Course will run approximately 8 hours.

PRICE: $200

LONG DESCRIPTION: Coordinated attacks, home invasions, and home burglary seems to be a trend that is moving in the wrong direction. After having received numerous requests for more aggressive home defense training, we have decided to put together a very inclusive course focused specifically on fighting in a home with an emphasis on low-light conditions. This course is a minimum 8 hour training course, with a 1 hour break. The pre-requisite requirement for this course is a successful completion of either our Handgun Manipulation & Personal Protection course, Fighting in the Dark course, or NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home.

This course will have some physical requirements of being able to stand up from a ground seated position, shoot from positions of disadvantage, and light physical exertion (equivalent of jogging). This course will have you working a firearm with an increased heart rate, under pressure, in low-light conditions. It will be mentally challenging, and fun as hell. As always, safety will be our primary concern, followed by effective learning and a fun learning environment. 

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